Current Patients

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How to come prepared

tips on how to save time

Prior to your appointment you will receive an email from OrthoFi, on behalf of Green Orthodontics. Included in this email is a link to create a secure account and complete your online forms. Please complete these forms online prior to your appointment; if you are unable to do so, please arrive 15 minutes early to complete them and to avoid delaying your appointment and to maximize your time with Dr. Green.

Getting your braces put on

It’s easy!

First, the teeth are cleaned and isolated from moisture. The teeth are then conditioned to help the braces stick. A bracket is carefully placed on each tooth. The glue is then set using a curing light. A light and flexible wire is then tied in to each bracket to initiate gentle tooth movement.

Staying comfortable

Everyone responds differently to braces. Here are more tips than you’ll need…

1. Stick to soft foods.
2. Rinsing with cold water temporarily weakens the orthodontic wire and can be effective when done intermittently.
3. Over the counter Tylenol or Advil can be taken before the appointment preemptively and continued as needed.
4. You will be given soft wax which can be rolled up and adapted to any areas that are ‘pokey’.
5. Your mouth will get the hang of it!

How to keep them clean

It’s worth the effort!

1. Avoid foods that generate plaque (foods with a lot of carbohydrates like candy, soda, white bread, etc.).
2. Brush for 2 minutes in the morning, before bed, and after meals.
3. Electric toothbrushes make it much easier to keep track of your timing and help clean the hard to reach areas.
4. Spend most of your time brushing the outsides of your teeth (especially near the gum line). That’s where most of the build up is.

What you can do to help

Your treatment is a team effort!

1. Keep them clean: (see above)

2.Keep them on: it’s very important to avoid hard or sticky foods. Broken brackets can often extend overall treatment time.

3. Do your best to wear your rubber bands if they are recommended to help get the job done!


It happens…

Many issues can be managed from home while others require attention from an orthodontist. Click below to download a pamphlet on how to address the most common orthodontic emergencies. If you are unable to manage the problem or have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us at (404) 850-1515

Braces removal

The steps to expect

1. Impressions need to be taken and sent to a lab to create your retainers.

2. A special tool is used to remove the braces from the teeth.

3. The extra glue is polished off of the teeth.

4. Final records are taken (x-ray and photos).

5. The retainers are checked and delivered.


You’re doing great, let’s keep it up!

You only have to wear your retainers for as long as you want your teeth to stay straight. Your orthodontist will guide you as to how often your retainers should be worn. As your teeth stabilize over time you will be able to wear them less.


1. Your retainer should be either in your mouth or in its case at all times. You might be surprised at how often retainers get thrown out in napkins.

2. Try not to let your pet get ahold of these chew toys.

3. Brush them when you brush your teeth to keep them sparkling clean.