If you haven’t been to the orthodontist recently because you hate gooey impressions, uncomfortable molds, and appliance fittings that take too long, let us introduce you to the latest orthodontic technology. At Green Orthodontics, we have incorporated the latest technology, including the iTero scanner, 3D printing, and LightForce custom brackets, to give our patients an easier, more enjoyable orthodontic experience.

iTero Scanner technology img

iTero Scanner

Green Orthodontics proudly utilizes the iTero scanner in Decatur, GA, for the comfort and convenience of our patients. The iTero scanner is a groundbreaking technology that uses lasers to scan and create a 3D image of the patient’s teeth and gums. Its precision and efficiency allow Dr. Green to create more precise and accurate patient treatment plans and appliances. No longer do patients have to suffer through gooey impressions or uncomfortable molds. The iTero scanner makes it a far more enjoyable experience to visit the orthodontist.

3D Printed Appliances

Appliances that are created with 3D printing technology are growing in popularity due to the fact that they are able to be made more comfortable and precise and create better results. Here at Green Orthodontics, we utilize 3D printing technology to print an assortment of appliances, such as expanders, space maintainers, and retainers. All of these appliances require a detailed look at your teeth to create an appliance that is snug and secure on the teeth. With the iTero scanner and 3D printing combined, Dr. Green can make your appliances feel like they are made for your teeth and your teeth only–because they are!

LightForce Custom Brackets

LightForce offers treatment that’s as unique as a fingerprint. We’re proud to offer this cutting-edge solution that unites modern 3D-printing technology with fully digital treatment planning to provide you with a great experience and results. LightForce crafts custom-made braces that are built to precisely match the unique shape and orientation of your teeth, meaning that the overall treatment time is expedited resulting in fewer office visits being required.