At Green Orthodontics, we are committed to providing our patients with orthodontic treatment of exceptional quality in a welcoming and professional environment. Through passion, excellence, attention to detail, and research-driven treatment we constantly aim to create beautiful smiles that enhance our patients’ confidence and overall oral health. We appreciate the impact that we, as a practice and as a team, have on people’s lives and are honored to be given this important responsibility.


Core Values

We are committed to providing high quality orthodontic care based on best practices and the latest evidence-based orthodontics research.

We are committed to delivering care in a welcoming, comfortable, pleasant and friendly environment.

We are committed to creating individualized treatment plans customized to each patient; we will avoid a ‘cookie-cutter’ mentality.

We are committed to high quality, effective communication and education. We will patiently discuss your treatment plan and leave no questions unanswered.

We are committed to respecting our patients’ time and schedules. Flexible appointment times and punctuality are important to us because they are important to our patients.

We are committed to building lasting, meaningful relationships with our patients.

We are committed to patient care first. We will do our best to help choose a financial plan that works for our patients and we will not allow finances to get in the way of patient care.

Finally, we are committed to treating each patient as if he or she were a member of our family.

Straighter Smiles = More Confidence! 😁

According to research, Teens with straighter smiles are statistically more awesome-er and by “research” we mean, that’s what teens say and believe! Which means, Straighter Smiles = More Confidence!

It’s ALSO a known fact that kids who don’t experience straight smiles HIDE their smiles more. We don’t want that for our kids, right? We want them to not only be happier, but we love when our kids smile! SO…

…let’s get the process started with a FREE consultation + FREE X-Rays + FREE Oral Exam + FREE Smile Assessment! Simply tap [Book Free Consultation] below

Location & Hours

2450 Lawrenceville Hwy #101
Decatur, GA 30033

IMPORTANT NOTICE please put 'Green Orthodontics' into the GPS instead of typing in our address. A number of people have been directed to Lawrenceville instead of Decatur which is 30 minutes away.


Monday-Thursdays: 10AM-7PM
Fridays: 9:30AM-5:30PM




404-850-1515 (call or text)

Green Orthodontics

2450 Lawrenceville Hwy #101, Decatur, GA 30033, USA

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