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“We are so happy to have found this practice! Dr. Green and all his staff are so friendly. Our initial consultation was no pressure and I really liked the way Dr. Green explained everything to my son, as well as me. He answered all his questions and was very patient.”

Robyn Brandman

“Dr. Green has hands of GOLD !!!!!! I highly recommend this fine dentist !!”
Jim Romano

“Excellent!! Dr. Green is extremely professional, polite, and has a great sense of humor. My daughter really liked Dr. Green and his entire staff. He provides top quality orthodontic care, makes sure his patients are comfortable and informed at all times, and is just so pleasant and honest. He respects his patients and their time (has afternoon, evening and weekend hours!). We just could not have hoped to find better orthodontic care in the Atlanta area. My daughter needed her braces for a much shorter amount of time than expected and the results are fantastic. Thank you Dr. Green and your wonderful staff!”

“Fantastic visit. Results of braces and face mask exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Green!”

“Dr. Green is a superb orthodontist. He is incredibly caring and makes every appointment as comfortable as possible. I went to Dr. Green for Invisalign and am very happy with the results. He is incredibly honest about treatment options and does not oversell like some dental practitioners. His office and staff are very kind and his evening hours make visits incredibly convenient after work. It is evident Dr. Green is always willing to answer any questions, and is very intent on explaining every procedure, making visits and care stress free. His meticulous treatment makes me very confident in my results. I highly recommend Dr. Green. You will be happy you turned to such a caring, convenient, and quality practitioner.”

“Dr. Green is excellent with the patients. My son always has a great experience. The staff is professional and polite. We never have to wait for more than a few minutes. Dr. Green always talks us through what he’s doing. We really appreciate his attention to patients and parents.”

“Dr. Green is excellent. He clearly loves his work, and was very personable. He was great with my daughter, and she felt motivated to follow his instructions. I appreciated Dr. Green’s straight-forward billing system and the work he did to make sure I maximized my insurance.”


“I absolutely LOVE Dr Green and his team!!! They are so professional! They are always upbeat and friendly, especially Tiffany and Yashira! They always give me the care, time, and attention needed. I’m so excited to see my smile after treatment! And their office is so sleek and clean. They have a nice kid friendly play room and braces friendly snacks!”
Michelle Hines

“I highly recommend Dr. Green for any orthodonture work. I am currently undergoing Invisalign treatment and am very happy I chose Dr. Green as my provider. He is great at explaining the process honestly, extremely patient with any questions, and I definitely feel like I am included in any treatment decisions. Everyone in his office is also great. The office manager, Felicia, is delightful and always happy to see patients. I look forward to my appointments and the progress on my teeth.”
A. Denker

“Dr. Green is very friendly and always a pleasure to do business with! He treats his patients with care and is very honest! Would recommend him to anyone looking for a straighter smile!”
Nick Melnykov

Location & Hours

2440 Lawrenceville Hwy. Suite 201
Decatur, GA 30033

IMPORTANT NOTICE please put 'Green Orthodontics' into the GPS instead of typing in our address. A number of people have been directed to Lawrenceville instead of Decatur which is 30 minutes away.


Monday-Wednesday: 9AM-5PM
Thursday: 7AM-3PM
Friday: 10AM-1PM


404-850-1515 (call or text)

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